Strongsoutherly provides Landscape Design Services for small residential gardens. We provide designs for courtyards, and urban gardens, but also have experience with site planning larger properties.  

Our specialty is designing lush tropical and formal gardens, however have experience with more contemporary designs, including contemporary material palettes, and plant usage.

The design process involves an initial consult, to gain a clear understanding of the nature of the job, and the desired outcomes.  Following this, Concept designs are undertaken, before detail design.  Designer Andrea Hamann is happy to liaise with planners and architects, engineers and contractors should the client require it - in fact projects usually have better outcomes when all players are in communication.  Andrea is also happy to liaise with Council planning officers, and is familiar with council approval processes.

Concept Design

Concept Designs are varied in style, depending on the nature of the project, and the type of client. They can be as loose as sketches with hand drawn or collaged perspectives, and plans, or digitally designed plans and digital vignettes or collages of the site. Concept Designs may or may not be from measured base plans, depending on the nature of the project. 

Please see examples of concept level designs below. These were developed with a professional landscape illustrator colleague. These can provide basic dimensions and indicative information. 

Pool deck designs
Zayed Central Coutyard.jpg
Courtyard designs
Courtyard Design

Detail Design

Detail Designs include Detailed Site plans and planting plans with planting schedules, as well as details of specific elements such as paving design, furniture of other elements.  These are plans suitable for landscape contractors to use to construct a garden. 


Design services vary in cost depending on the scale of the garden and the nature of the design requirements. For instance a simple design that is to be installed by the owner or an experienced gardener will be considerably cheaper that one that includes significant  technical landscaping, and requires council approvals.