#paint mojo

It's fairly easy to lose it, and not always easy to find again...your paint mojo. I was getting all stitched up lately as my landscapes weren't working out for me at ALL...and some of the stuff I was painting starting to feel pretty pedestrian. I have been hoping to move toward some kind of style of my own, but it still feels like I am heading off in 10 directions at once, stylised 'naive' landscapes, skyscapes, painterly stuff, flowers, abstract stories of tahitian convicts....and then broad brush strokes on expressive landscapes. 

If there is anything uniting my paintings at the moment it is the palette, and there is definately a kind of joie de vivre happening.. a vibrancy. Maybe because that is how I feel when I paint these days.  Mostly anyway. Except those days when I lose my MOJO>

I downloaded #paintmojo from amazon which is a book of painting excercises, and skimmed through it recently. I think I saw it on some instagram feed, can't remember whose. And this morning when I found myself stitched up I turned to it, and it set me loose. Thankyou Tracy Verdugo.

And these paintings got moving again. Still not finished, but getting there,

in progress
in progress
landscape in progress