A list of 7 inspiring landscape artists

I've been following a number of Artists over on Faceache for a while now, and thought it would be nice to compile a list for those of you who read this blog to give you some great art to go and explore. Some of these artists styles and techniques really speak to me. 

Whilst I follow very many artists, and different styles and artists are influencing what I do these days, this list is all Landscape. Big skies and big spaces...Here on Norfolk I am surrounded by big landscapes, big skies and seascapes, and I relate to the obsessions these artists have, big skies, the fall of the land, the broad strokes and the fine detail.

I've made a list, and down the bottom are some of the pictures. Follow the links and check them out.

So...Here goes.

No.1 Julie Dumbarton Landscape Painter

Julie Dumbarton famously gives colour hugs. Her paintings are great riotous explosions of colour, somehow, despite all the colour managing to render emotional moody landscapes. You still feel the sense of wonder in a wooded glen, or the feeling you get at the crack of dawn with an amazing sunrise.  

No.2 Mary Benz Gilkerson Landscape Painter

I only recently discovered Mary's work. I've always been a fan of thick paint applied with a blunt brush or palette knife, and an economic use of colour. There is a level of abstraction in her paintings that also inspires me. For the first time in nearly four years, I find myself contemplating an oil painting again...will I remember how is the big question.

No.3 Paul Bailey Landscape Painter

I've been a massive fan of Paul's work for a few years now. I just love his technique and the bold colour blocks that he uses to suggest the form and profiles of the land. It has been really interesting to see his style change over the years,  I wish I could break down the shapes of the land in my minds eye like that. 

No.4 Carol Saunderson Landscape Painter

Carol is another artist I have only recently discovered. I have been following her work through her facebook page, which you can either find through mine, or her webpage. I really love the way her works are both in plan and elevation at once, and the soft washes of colour built up in layers. The level of abstraction and interpretation of the landscape, in such a playful way is something I can only dream to achieve. 

No.4 Katherine Kean Landscape Painter

If there was a word to describe my favourite pieces of this artist, it would be ''big sky country''.  Well, that is three words isn't it. ooops. Anyway, one of Katherine's subjects is big sky's. Like me she seems to have quite an obsession. Her skys are absolutely amazing.

No.5 Kevin Fleming Landscape Painter

I find myself attracted to British and Scottish painters, and Kevin Fleming is one of them. Scottish, using thick oils and a palette knife, and laden with colour. His work makes me want to take up oils again...

No.6 Tim Burns Landscape Painter

Tim Burns artwork is curious to me. A combination of big landscape and fine detailed still life painting..sometimes in the same painting. It is a good reminder that we don't need to exclusively sit in one style of painting, and that an amalgum is also interesting. And indeed beautiful.

No.7 Malcolm Ashman Landscape Painter

There is a softness and almost blurriness to Malcolm Ashman's paintings, that make them almost meditative. He uses soft tones, and what looks like the paint strokes of a flat brush, very different to the thick palette knife and oil paintings of Kevin Fleming. The tones are soft and muted, and the detail gentle and fanciful. 

Click on the image above to find the Pinterest Board with links back to these artists websites. For a whole host of other inspiring art on Pinterest, click  HERE

Click on the image above to find the Pinterest Board with links back to these artists websites. For a whole host of other inspiring art on Pinterest, click HERE