Sydney beckons....

Wow, it has been a busy few months. Business is going well, the markets are going well, the art is going well, and so is the study. But the biggest news is that we are leaving Norfolk Island and off to inner Sydney. I'm scared and excited.

I'm mostly excited at the opportunities, and scared of the massive change -  1400 people in the middle of the ocean, to 5 million plus in a big international city. That's some extreme change!

Meanwhile I have sold a truckload of paintings this past few months, and the prospect of selling in city markets is exciting. I'm full of plans about market stall displays, and the sort of merchandising material I'm going to have to design/build/procure to make it professional. I'm going to have to track down some printers, and get my fabric printing up and moving. Not to mention all the other things I have up my sleeve.

The above images are just some of the paintings I have sold lately. The sales are going so well, I am thinking it might be time to make some prints!  

Well, that's me for today. We are off to a rainy mini golf session with the four year old!