A little divergence : #100daysof20x20

It's funny how putting a series of works together can wear you out a bit. My last series of work which I put together in the online exhibition (which by the way contains only about half of the paintings that were in my head for that season (more to come at some point) had seven paintings, but they are a style of painting that I have to really 'work' and so they are tiring. Some days it flowed fine, other days it was a real battle.

So, I decided post 'white canvas' it was time to have a canvas holiday, and so have been working on these works on paper as part of the $100daysproject which I am loosely participating in. I'm a crappy participant - I keep forgetting days. OOPs. However, I am enjoying this little pieces. They are mostly 20x20cm (which as someone pointed out there are standard frames for, and there are larger A3 pieces and even some smaller A5 pieces. -- also easily frameable). 

They are on a variety of papers, some watercolour paper, some wash&draw by Art Spectrum, and some are beautiful japanese Calligraphy papers. Hmmm...

Worked with Black ink (i use a bamboo calligraphy tool), with highflow golden acrylic, art spectrum or rembrandt pastels, golden titanium white, and posca pens...with the occasional water colour or other paint thrown in . Yep. mixed media baby!!

I was thinking about them this morning, and what I am actually painting. And to be honest, at the moment it is almost a garden of my headspace. If my mental space were a garden this is what it would look like. A balance of light and dark, a perspective that focuses on beauty, but is damaged, as most of us are in some way, with a bit of trauma. It's funny how when you start to think about your art you understand what it really starts to get at. 

Each of these works will be made available for sale. If you are interested send me a message, and I can list it straight away.