On a Norfolk Hilltop

On a Norfolk Hilltop

On a Norfolk Hilltop

I've started a series of miniature paintings with a focus on Norfolk Island. They are a diversion while I take my time finishing the large canvases. This is the first, and there are a few others in progress. I'm having a crack at some Terns, Tropic Birds and a Bubuk Owl as well. It will be nice to see a little set of Norfolk paintings that are recognisably of this place, not abstracted concepts like my other ones. 

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the Permaset paints to turn up so I can paint some fabric..... things take time to get here on the island. 

New projects for a new Year~!

'Stormflowers at Night' 40x40cm Acrylic on Canvas

'Stormflowers at Night' 40x40cm Acrylic on Canvas

I am trying very hard to get myself geared up for a big year of Art! I am so brimming with excitement and ideas at what I want to explore in the year ahead. It is a bit of a case of too many projects too little time, but lets see what I can cross of the list.

For starters, I downloaded some software to help me keep track of all my work. It is an inventory software that allows me to record each piece, with an image, and then details about size/materials and sale information (who, when) if needed. I have started loading the paintings onto the inventory, and will slowly plug away at that. I guess that comes with trying to be professional about my art. I had started in excel, but it just didn't have the scope that I wanted. 


My next uni subject after the horrible one I am currently doing is a sculpture subject, so finally I hope to start working with ceramics. I am planning on somehow taking some of my painting ideas into small ceramic pendants.

What next...well, I have ordered some permaset fabric paint. So many people have commented that my paintings would look great on fabric, that I plan to do just that!!! I will be experimenting in the upcoming months with fabric paintings, for cushions and serviettes. Look forward to seeing my experiments unfold! And if all goes well I am taking the outcomes of those experiments onto Etsy, and to the markets. 

So, it is going to be a big few months at least, but I am hopefull for a big year. Having sold a couple of paintings in the last month, I am hoping that that is a good sign. It's sign enough for me at least :) Yay. 

Happy new year folks. Nice chatting with you.


Painting BIG

I started a very large painting (large for me anyhow) which is about the size of a door...1mx1.8m approx. This is a detail of it. I was going to take it RAWByron, but had to pull out. Just can't afford the flights at the moment. 

Anyway, I will finish the painting...I will aim for it to be one of my best, and I will put it up for sale at Artfinder. There is something freeing about the start of a BIG painting...it's when it gets to finishing it I run into problems...how to make it sufficiently detailed and not fussy.