Battling to paint Bomboras

Well, that was a little dissapointing. A whole post just vanished on me. Oh well, here we go again.

So, I was telling you about how somedays paintings just flow, and others they don't. Other days you battle. Today I battled. But that's ok. I didn''t win, but I learnt something. I learnt today that adding a stack more medium than usual makes the acrylic feel a little like oil.


Bomboras sunset, Norfolk Island

Bomboras sunset, Norfolk Island

And for the first time I actually tried to paint a real place that I have been to...from a photo mind you, but still, I can actually say this is a painting of Bomboras. Now some local will come and tell me that no, that's Rocky Point...ha! It probably is, but for the purpose of giving this painting a name...I'm going with Bomboras.

Despite the fact that I had a hell time with this painting and it didn't go quite to plan, I've been having a cracking day. Paddling the outrigger, swimming, seeing the turtle again, Painting, and now going to pick up my son from pre-school which he WANTED to go to today, no tears, no fights...wanted to go.

Yeooowww. Life is good. 

I'll tell you about why this place feels like home to me, and why it inspires me so much next time. Ciao folks.