Apparently there was a cyclone in the Kermadec Islands

I've been told there is a 20m swell in the Kermadec Islands. By the time the swell got to us, it was a mere 4-6m swell, as if that is a mere nothing. It is not a mere nothing. It is quite something. It was beautiful and powerfull, and somewhat scary. It accompanied my Tsunami nightmare last night.

It threw up a sea mist, made churning seas, and splashed high on the cliffs. And then, with the sun setting, the water started to glow. 

Blue sky jetty

But before that, there was this big blue sky, and this beautiful light cast across the jetty.

Jetty Swell

Leaving amazing shadow lines on the ramp, and crisp light along the barrier timbers.

Sea mist

And there were layers of sea mist climbing the cliffs.


And then there was this dark and churning sea, with this glow of gold scattered across it.