All I want for Christmas

Unfortunately, because we now live on an island in the middle of nowhere....even if anyone was to see this list now and decide to buy anything on it...the first three things, if shipped now...probably wouldn't get here till...oh, march. 

But anyway, I was inspired to think about what I would like for Christmas, and to come up with things that are going to enrich my art/photography, my spirit, my cooking, will inspire me, or, well, will enrich my life in general. 

We are going to start decorating for Christmas soon, and this time, I really will do a weihnachts kranz. (traditional German Christmas wreath).and I might even show you how!

Meanwhile, on  to the list:

1. A record Player. This one is from Urban Outfitters and is portable!! I kept all my old LP's you see, so I need something to play them on.

2.  A 15mm pancake style lens for my camera for some nice wide angle shots. I have never had a prime lens. And a 15mm should be lekker for the landscapes around here. Especially if I ever get down to KAHVA (Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area (which ironically we live splatt bang in the middle of) to take some photos on dusk/dawn.

3. A 50mm sigma lens for my camera.. For the same reasons as 2.

4. A gym membership. 20kg needs to GO. Otherwise I will never get rid of my runners feet (plantar fasciitis) which has me hobbling round the house (seriously) holding doors and walls to stabilise myself, during the night or early morning

5. Photography and or pottery lessons. Because I have a love for both, and a lot to learn from people who are experts.

6. Some outdoor furniture. We have this great courtyard, this great veranda...and nowhere to bloody well sit.

7. A massage. Because the bed we are on is bad for my back, my feet are bad for my hips/back everything...and i'm a bit sore

8. A blender. A decent quality one. Not sure what model.  For smoothies. Mainly.

9. A set of small vases/vessels by a local potter to put all my pencils, paintbrushes in. To look nice on my studio table. 

10. All my unframed prints by other people...properly framed. To hang on the wall. Finally

11. A BIG PAINTING by someone other than me that I really like. Because I promised myself I would collect art....and I haven't really yet.

12. A cookery class at one of the local cooking classes...cos I like food, and it would be a great way to meet people.

What do you want for christmas??