Island Life # Week 2

We've been here nearly two weeks and in that time it has taken just over a week for Trouble to meet a little girlfriend (born 6 days apart) and for us to be invited to 3 social occasions.

Today we did a bit of an excursion round the Island which was lovely, if a little tinged for me by the fact that I felt rubbish from having bronchitis. Second lot of antibiotics and still feeling rubbish.

I made it to take Trouble out to the boardwalk and have a look around near the Captain Cook monument in the National Park at Anson Bay, but that zonked me. I had to come home for an hour nap after that.

There were other interesting things that happened this week, watching the plane take off blew Trouble's mind, afternoon pizza's out of the clay oven in a new acquaintances back yard, dinner with a local MLA (like MP), and I might get to them when I am feeling less kaput, but right now you will have to make to with some pics of the beautiful landscape.

The chord/Anson Bay, Norfolk Island,