Island life Day#3

Murphy is such a bastard. Everything about the move to the island went smoothly. Everything. But then we had to get ridiculously sick as soon as we arrived,

It has made for a very rough few days. Who knew tonsilitis could be such a rough bug.

After such a beautiful morning walk yesterday, we were lucky to make it to the doctors today, and even that was a debarcle. Trouble was in full scale monkey/meltdown/investigate everything/roll around the floor mode. The Doctor called him a tyrant. Despite the fact that Norfolk Island is an Australian Territory, the island is not part of any of the mainland social services island health care is super expensive. I hope we don't get sick often. 

Actually, everything is super expensive. The only thing that is not is the roadside fresh veggie stalls - I bought a weeks vegie groceries for $15 yesterday.

And then this morning, on of the lovely local staff members that works on the heritage site, delivered this basket of bounty, fresh from the garden, quite possibly from the garden across the road at Government house - how's that for zero food miles.

Food miles negligable