Artist Bio and Art Statement

Andrea Hamann is a UK born, Australian Artist and Designer previously based on Norfolk Island, but now in Sydney.  Andrea works primarily with acrylic on canvas or timber panel, however she also works in mixed media, including with ink and chalk pastel on paper.

Artist Statement: 20 years ago someone affectionately gave me the moniker Artbitch.   I always wondered whether they saw something in me that I didn't yet see in myself or whether it was just a bit of a joke. Or both. Whatever it was, I never took it seriously. I spent 20 years turning away from the ''art'' part of myself, never fully giving it the energy it deserved. Finally, I have turned my full attention to it.  And now art influences everything I do. Thanks to a confluence of curious circumstances, I got the opportunity to I spend two years focused entirely on painting and  enrolled in a fine art degree.

My art is inspired by the places I have lived and the histories surrounding them. I spent two years living in a world heritage house on Norfolk Island, where my studio was  the old servants quarters, complete with two hundred year old sandstone floors, white washed walls and an ancient bread oven. 100 metres down the end of my street was the Pacific Ocean. These two years on Norfolk Island reconnected me to my own history, and to the landscape. On Norfolk the sea is every colour of blue, and often the colour of opals. The sky is big and fueled my big sky obsessions. Directly south of there, with nothing in between...over 8000 kilometres away is Antarctica. Norfolk Island is truly in the middle of nowhere. This isolation gave me time to really focus and refine my voice and my subject,  my stories and experiences of the landscape and cultures of the post colonial tropics

Tropical jungles and gardens are my creative start point,  with the vegetation and landform playing a large part, but my work goes beyond that, as I explore my own history, Cornish ancestry, an early childhood in PNG and time spent living or visiting other places where there has been a history of colonialism impacting on tribal cultures. So, my paintings explore memories and stories of these places, and the convergence of Indigenous cultures with colonial histories. The characters in my paintings are representative of me, of women I have known, and of the women of these cultures and histories; colonial, convict, Tahitian Pitcairn wives, and Melanesian and Polynesian women.


2016 Tahitian Convict paintings at Hilli Dining Restaurant on Norfolk Island

2015 Tahitian Convict series of drawings at Edge of the World Gallery, also on Norfolk Island.